Student Life

QIC does not restrict its students to just classroom but also continues a myriad of activities like extra curriculum pursuits, leadership roles, spirited athletics and artistic endeavors.


This is because we want our students to fully explore their potential. Students do not need to be confined within walls to chase their passion. The students clubs at QIC fall under five categories; Career club, Social club, Arts and Exhibition club, Culture club and Sports club. They can explore details and processes over and over again, drilling down into images, listening again to key explanations, and revisiting challenging concepts. Students can be part of a number of these clubs that will truly help them be more articulate and collaborative. Students are taught to deal with increasing diversity and complexity enabling them to practice in a variety of situations to emphasize broader application.


Festivals, “Happy Hours” and the quintessential night parties at the end of each term and on the completion of the two terms are some land mark events on this self-contained pro-family college since parties are good and we want our student to relax and recharge.


In our involved, engaged community, students will interact extensively with faculty, staff, alumni, and leader of national and global companies and organizations. We push our students to become increasingly independent learners.