Experiential & Leadership Learning

The true test of business theory and BBA course work will take you to the real world. At QIC, students will find plenty of opportunities to synthesize classroom learning with actual business situations. Experiential learning is a key place for corporate involvement as it allows company and non-profit organizations to develop and enhance relationships with QIC faculty and students. It is quiet simply ‘learning through experience’ , moving the learning and the learner out of the training room and into workplace scenarios that mirror reality.


“Knowing is one thing… doing is another.”


Developing one’s leadership capabilities and having a positive influence on the dynamics of group behavior work best when established theories synthesize with practice and critical self-reflection in an enjoyable experience that engages participants with one another. QIC believes that an effective leadership or team development programme needs to mirror reality by making the learning experience practical and therefore applicable in the workplace.


At QIC the learning experience is never imposed. It is invitational and takes place in a safe environment which is essential for students to open up to personal learning opportunities. The intention is to provide participants with a series of practical leadership and team challenges, thereby engaging students in a self-reflective process that will ultimately form new concepts and determine their future actions and behaviors.