Facilities & Support

Quest possesses one of the best educational infrastructure and facilities. In a modern complex-its hotel management labs, seminar hall, library, computer centers, multimedia hall, cafeteria and operational equipment and system remain as the evidence of the first ranked infrastructure and facilities in the nation.




The college is located in Lalitpur at Gwarko in the ideal peaceful atmosphere over an impressive landscape of about 5 ropani land. Congenial college premises stimulate students and faculty in concentrative teaching-learning activities. Quest possesses one of the best educational and infrastructure facilities in the nation.




The college has four kitchens to enhance the practical knowledge and skills of the students. QUEST provides extensive practical in all semesters to its students, beside the internship semesters.

The Executive Chef who shows his high skilled demonstration uses DEMONSTRATION KITCHEN and students learn through minute observation. The foreign chefs also groom the students by showing their special productions.

The students experiment various cuisine in BASIC KITCHEN with the close supervision and guidance of Executive Development Chef. Each student involves in learning, practicing and experimenting regularly in this kitchen.

In THE BULK KITCHEN students learn the concept of bulk-food production during the time of college events like participating and conducting food festivals, annual day celebration, sports meet and social events.

The baking training is given to the students from BAKERY KITCHEN. This kitchen prepares various pastries and bakery products then students display and distribute in the college.

Beside kitchen practical, BARISTA-COFFEE MAKING classes have been provided to the interested students, understanding the need of modern coffee making knowledge and skills for jobs in the future.




This section of the college is equipped with 24 covers and elegant bar set up. All kinds of food and beverage services and their management are practiced here. BHM students learn table set up, arrangement of equipment, communication, gait and method of service as well as knowing the customer parts. The college has been providing juggling and flaring class to BHM students as additional valuable skills and practice to open up the opportunities in the global hospitality industry. Knowledge of beverages like cock-tails and mock tails are learnt in the BAR with the lavishly purchased items required for practical.




The college has constructed few rooms similar to hotel for students to see, observe and practice for the knowledge and skills of maintaining floors and rooms of hotel in future. Most of the time foreign teachers occupy these rooms, QIC BHM students are appointed to look after room service and housekeeping needs of visitors in respective rooms. Since the inception, the college has provided in-house laundry service to look after the washing of all the linens used in the BHM labs by the students. They learn washing, rinsing and the use of detergents.




Quest International College has hotel reservation software in the front office computers, which is practiced in the esteemed hospitality properties globally where students learn the system of booking, preparing accurate reports and develop professionalism.




Soft Skills like effective communication, team building, leadership, presentation skills, banking training, knowledge of data analysis software, personality development, job skills . . . are incorporated in the regular routine. The students also learn data collection, compilation and publishing reports. In order to incorporate soft skills, the college operates an elongated routine.




The college has availed sophisticated computer labs to support teaching-learning activities. Internet surfing in a spacious room will provide a unique experience to assist effective learning, as technology has been an inevitable source in the present teaching- learning environment. The centers support Online Learning, Computer and IT Practicum, MIS Practicum, Virtual Learning and in various econometric data analysis and modeling software: EXCEL, SPSS, STATA, R, Python and Hotel Management software.




The college has installed an integrative MIS system, which includes electronic attendance, automatic messaging, assignment submissions, teacher-student interaction/exchange of notes, assignments, virtual classes, assistants, notification,




QUEST contains a well-managed resourceful library, which will be periodically updated with wide ranges of textbooks, reference books, audio-visual materials, newspapers, journals and magazines. All the MBA, BBA and BHM students have been enjoying free issue of all the textbooks required to support for academic and co-curricular activities. The students will have access to utilize their leisure time to strengthen their academic standard. The students also get access to electronic libraries to the large range of textbooks, reference books, journals, data and information regarding management and other media materials. Separate Wi-Fi systems for MBA, BBA/BHM and Management support internet based research/learning and surfing social networking sites.




QUEST has provided canteen facility for its students, faculty and staff to serve breakfast, lunch and other variety of delicious food items in subsidized prices. There is well-developed day-wise menu displayed on the wall so that different items can be tested based on personal likes. The high qualities of food items are served in a very spacious and hygienic canteen. Occasionally, cafeteria is used as demonstration class for BHM and watching business news for BBA and MBA. Currently, Mr. Ajay Dulal and his team is dedicated to providing quality food and service in the canteen.




At QIC we have an environment that generates high quality research, which is both contemporary and rigorous. Our industry relation and academic associations, and an opportunity to work in the fast growing economies attract faculty and research fellow of international repute to the school. Conference, seminars, and workshops are regular features at the college providing a forum for presenting research work and discussing important issues of personal interest. These events bring together academics, corporates and policy makers and an opportunity to learn.




The Career Placement Services (CPS) office at QUEST assists students in making the right career choices. QUEST provides non-credit courses for the students to address the need of corporate world. Students receive personalized guidance in defining and attaining career objectives through counseling, skill development workshops and career information services. The CPS cell informs vacancy notices and arranges meet for the placement of the graduates in the jobs. The cell also organizes workshops between academia and industry for market gap analysis so that the college can bridge the gap in the graduates by providing non-credit courses and skills development during the study. BHM interns and graduates are placed in topnotch properties all around the world.




Quest places high importance in research and publications. The college publishes two journals, which include research articles of the students, faculty and other researchers. Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya, Prof. Dr. Narayan Prasad Pahari and Dr. Niranjan Devkota supervise students’ research works. Beside GRPs, Internship Reports and Project Works; Independent Researches are guided to the students based on the primary and secondary data. The college also supports students in their publication of the articles in the national and international journals. The college truly assists research to build a repertoire of knowledge.




MBA students are not obligated to uniform dress but they are suggested to put on decent dresses like formal business executives. The college has provisions of uniform for BBA and BHM students. BHM students are required to follow the grooming and discipline strictly like hotel executives. The students are oriented to be responsible to the self, family, society and nation at large. Along with rigorous academic penetration, punctuality, obedience, neatness and tidiness are stressed in the students. They are expected to be polite, humble, communicative, accommodating and generous towards other.




QUEST makes its students aware that excellence can only be attained through continuous efforts. Students’ assessments are based on the continuous basis throughout the year. The students must take Unit Tests, Subject-wise Quizzes, Mid-term and Pre-board Examinations conducted by the college. In order to qualify for the board examinations, the students must obtain at least 45% marks in each subject of the semester. The evaluations are made on the basis of not only formal written examinations but also on the practical basis like assignments, case analysis, article reviews, writing productions, talks, presentations, market research reports, event managements, subject-wise competitions, project works and field visits reports.


QUEST rewards its meritorious students with scholarship based on internal examinations and Pokhara University Board Examinations’ Results. The management expects term wise cent percentage attendance from the students. The students failed to maintain minimum eighty-percentage attendance are not allowed to take university examinations. A high level of discipline, punctuality and records of the all performances of students are well maintained and documented. Fair evaluation system of open and healthy competitions create competitive study milieu in students.