Library, e-Library & Wi-Fi

QUEST contains a well managed resourceful library which will be periodically updated with wide ranges of text books, reference books, audio-visual materials, newspapers, journals and magazines.
The library connects us with the insight and knowledge and it is established with the aim to improve students’ skills and develop a reading culture by giving them free and open access to appropriate reading materials. It also enable students to do research projects and promote habit of independent inquiry.


All the students will have access to utilize their leisure time to strengthen their academic standard. Students also get access to electronic libraries to the large range of data and information regarding management and other media materials. Wi-Fi System supports internet based learning. E-learning can occur in or out of the classroom. It can be self-paced, asynchronous learning. Internet based learning is suited to flexible learning. QIC employs Active blending technique to ensure that online and face to face elements of the course are well integrated, and to choose appropriate tools and tasks to meet learning and teaching aims.