Seminars & Conferences

When designing our programs we are continuously aware of the fine balance between theory and practice. The theory component must support and compliment practice. We provide our students with just the right amount of theory carefully balanced with just the right amount of practical skills. At QIC we have an environment that generates the high quality research which is both contemporary and rigorous. Our industry relations and academic associations, and an opportunity to work in the fast growing economies attract faculty and fellow researcher of international repute to the college conference, seminars, regular features at college, providing a forum for presenting research work and discussing important issues of personal interest.


The close interactions with other delegates from differing companies generate conversations and allow the delegates to actively participate in the sharing of powerful information. They create an effective learning opportunity for those students who learn more effectively from direct interaction.


Workshops allow delegates to have issues addressed on a specific topic by recognized experts who are up to date with the latest developments in the field. These workshops are very appropriate in an era in which people do not have time to read a number of books by experts. Students can spend reasonably short period of time and get substantial information on a topic they have an interest in. The speakers, who specialize in these fields, have already done the sifting and selection of information from a wide variety of sources.


Workshops create learning communities that bring together students who are like-minded. This type of learning process can be very effective for our students. Workshop environments allow facilitators to deliver the theory component whilst allowing delegates to engage in practical exercises. These events bring together academic, corporate and policy-makers. It also encourages delegates to exchange ideas, experiences and practices.