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Embark on a dynamic journey with Quest International College's Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) course in Nepal, affiliated with Pokhara University.

With a focus on the ever-expanding hospitality industry, our program is designed to shape aspiring professionals for successful careers in hotel management. In a rapidly growing hospitality industry, our graduates find diverse opportunities in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and various related sectors. Join us to unlock the door to an exciting world of hotel management in Nepal and beyond.

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Study Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) course in Nepal

BHM Course Curriculum and Structure

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First Year 45.0 Total Credits

First Semester

Subject Credit Points
Principles of Management 3.0
English I 3.0
Accommodation Operation (Practical) –I 1.5
Accommodation Operation (Theory) –I 3.0
Food & Beverage Service (Practical) –I 1.5
Food & Beverage Service (Theory) –I 3.0
Food Production & Patisserie (Practical) –I 1.5
Food Production & Patisserie (Theory) –I 3.0
Fundamentals of Tourism and Hospitality 3.0

Second Semester

Subject Credit Points
Basic Mathematics 3.0
Food Hygiene & Nutrition 3.0
English II 3.0
Accommodation Operation (Practical) –II 1.5
Accommodation Operation (Theory) –II 3.0
Food & Beverage Service (Practical) –II 1.5
Food & Beverage Service (Theory) –II 3.0
Food Production & Patisserie (Practical) –II 1.5
Food Production & Patisserie (Theory) –II 3.0

Third Semester

Subject Credit Points
Fundamentals of Sociology 3.0
Introduction to Management Information System 3.0
Hospitality Accounting I 3.0
Room Division Management (Practical) –I 1.5
Room Division Management (Theory) –I 3.0
Food & Beverage Service (Practical) –III 1.5
Food & Beverage Service (Theory) –III 3.0
Food & Beverage Service (Practical) –III 1.5
Food Production & Patisserie (Theory) –III 3.0

Fourth Semester

Subject Credit Points
Business Communication for the Hotel Industry 3.0
Hospitality Accounting II 3.0
General Psychology 3.0
Room Division Management (Practical) –IV 1.5
Room Division Management (Theory) –IV 3.0
Food & Beverage Service (Practical) –IV 1.5
Food & Beverage Service (Theory) –IV 3.0
Food Production & Patisserie (Practical) –IV 1.5
Food Production & Patisserie (Theory) –IV 3.0

Fifth Semester

Subject Credit Points
Advance Food & Beverage Management 3.0
Advance Accommodation operation Management 3.0
Hospitality Marketing 3.0
Fundamentals of Financial Management 3.0
Business Research Method 3.0
Business statics 3.0
Hospital Human resource Management 3.0

Sixth Semester

Subject Credit Points
Tourism Business Environment 3.0
Tourism Economics 3.0
Strategic Management 3.0
Project Work 3.0
Advance Food Production Management 3.0
Advance Room Division Management 3.0
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 3.0

Seventh Semester

Subject Credit Points
Internship 6.0

Eighth Semester

Subject Credit Points
Internship 6.0

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How Our BHM Course Equips You for the Demands of the Industry

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Global Mindset - Quest BHM Nepal

Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and a global perspective in our innovative BHM course. Develop a strong foundation in hospitality fundamentals while learning to think globally.

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Critical Thinking Skills - Quest BHM Nepal

Build a solid foundation in critical thinking & problem-solving in our innovative BHM course. Learn vital skills for success in the hospitality industry through case studies, simulations & experiential learning.

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Professional Network - Quest BHM Nepal

Forge a robust professional network in our BHM program with guest lectures, internships, and events connecting you to local hospitality professionals and organizations.

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Leadership Development - Quest BHM Nepal

Enhance leadership skills essential for success in hospitality with our innovative BHM curriculum. Through experiential learning, foster strategic thinking, team building, and communication abilities.

Why study BHM in Quest College?

Diverse Curriculum - Quest BHM Nepal

Diverse Curriculum

Choose BHM at Quest College for a holistic hospitality education covering leadership, management, international studies, ethics, and hotel operations.

Real-World Learning - Quest BBA Nepal

Real-World Learning

Experience real-world learning in our BHM program with practical projects, internships, and case studies, preparing you for dynamic hotel management scenarios.

Experienced Faculty - Quest BBA Nepal

Experienced Faculty

Acquire priceless knowledge and wisdom from our experienced BHM faculty members who bring a wealth of practical industry experience to the classroom.

Global Perspectives - Quest BHM Nepal

Global Perspectives

Acquire invaluable insights from our seasoned BHM faculty, with extensive experience in the hospitality industry enriching your classroom learning.

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The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding in a BHM Course

If you're contemplating a BHM course in Nepal, you may have numerous queries. Wondering about the curriculum, career prospects, or the crucial elements for success? Our comprehensive guide provides the answers. From insights into time management and study techniques to an overview of key BHM topics in Nepal, this guide is tailored to support your success.

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BHM Admission Requirements

+2/ Intermediate/ +2 Equivalent Degree: As graduate-level programs, BHM course require applicants to first earn a +2/ Intermediate/ +2 Equivalent Degree

CGPA/Division: BHM admissions typically require a 2.0 GPA or higher on previous college transcripts or with minimum second division of 45%

Admission Process

  • Submission of duly completed application form, Xerox copy of all previous degree credentials
  • QUMAT(Quest Undergraduate Management Admission Test) based on GMAT
  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Personal Interview

Student Testimonial

Empowering Your Success, Our Mission.

I'm thrilled to be a BHM student at Quest. The college's commitment to practical learning is impressive. From learning about hotel management to organizing culinary competitions, Quest has provided me with diverse experiences. I look forward to a successful career in the hospitality industry, all thanks to Quest!

Meet Ms. Nisha Paudel, a Quest College BHM Graduate


Empowering Your Success, Our Mission.

I can confidently say that Quest International College is where my passion for hospitality bloomed. The BHM program here is top-notch, blending theory and practice seamlessly. The regular food events and competitions added a unique touch to my education. Quest has prepared me to excel in the world of hospitality.

Meet Mr. Raj Khatiwada, a Quest College BHM Graduate


Empowering Your Success, Our Mission.

Choosing Quest for my BHM was one of the best decisions I made. The expert faculty and the focus on real-world experiences set Quest apart. I'm excited to enter the world of hospitality with the knowledge and skills I've gained here. Thank you, Quest!

Meet Ms. Priya Shrestha, a Quest College BHM Graduate


Empowering Your Success, Our Mission.

My journey here has been exciting, fun, and full of energy. I aspire to be a successful food and beverage manager, and Quest has been the perfect place for my dreams. I've learned a lot and will use it to improve myself. Quest organizes fantastic events, especially in BHM, like food competitions. My investment here was in time and money, and what I've gained is priceless. Thank you Quest!

Meet Mr. Sagar Rokka, a Quest College BHM Graduate


What is the scope of the BHM course in Nepal?

The BHM course in Nepal presents an enticing opportunity to study hotel management in Nepal, with a vast scope in the burgeoning hospitality and tourism sectors. Graduates can embark on diverse career paths, from managing hotels and resorts to venturing into entrepreneurship. This program equips students with essential skills, positioning them advantageously in Nepal's dynamic job market.

What is the cost of BHM in Nepal?

The cost of BHM in Nepal varies among institutions and universities, such as Tribhuvan University(TU), Pokhara University(PU), Kathmandu University(KU), and foreign universities. Also, additional expenses may include accommodation, books, and living costs. Generally, BHM fees range from NPR 5-10 lakhs for a 4-year program, but specific fee structures differ based on the college or university, location, and facilities provided.

What is the duration of BHM Course in Nepal?

The duration of a BHM course in Nepal typically spans 4 years, divided into 8 semesters. The BHM syllabus and course structure encompass a comprehensive curriculum that includes hotel management, tourism, and hospitality subjects. This structured program ensures students acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing them for successful careers in the hospitality industry.

What is the admission criteria for the BHM course in Nepal?

Candidates from diverse educational backgrounds in Nepal can pursue a BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) degree. While specific subject prerequisites can vary among institutions, having a foundation in Management, Commerce, or Science can be advantageous. The admission process for BHM in Nepal involves submission of duly completed application form, QUMAT (Quest Undergraduate Management Admission Test), followed by personal interviews and group discussions. Some institutions may also require a written statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and work experience.

What is the salary after BHM in Nepal?

The salary after completing a BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) in Nepal can vary depending on factors like experience, job location, and the specific hospitality sector. On average, entry-level positions in the hospitality industry can offer a starting salary of around NPR 20,000 to NPR 40,000 per month. However, as professionals gain experience and move into managerial roles, their salaries can increase significantly. It's important to note that the actual salary may vary from one individual to another and from one establishment to another.