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Master of Business Administration (MBA) at QUEST is an internationally recognized global degree spread over six trimesters for two years, affiliated from Pokhara University.

The practical approach of learning at QUEST makes this program distinct among other graduate business schools in the country. The program is the perfect blend of managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in terms of the outcomes.

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Study Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Nepal

MBA Course Curriculum and Structure

MBA course syllabus pokhara university.pdf
First Year 34.0 Total Credits

First Semester

Subject Credit Points
Economic Analysis for Business 3.0
Management Information System 3.0
Financial Reporting and Analysis 3.0
Business Statistics 3.0

Second Semester

Subject Credit Points
Managerial Communication 2.0
Data Analysis for Decision Modeling 2.0
Macroeconomics and the Global Economy 2.0
OB and Leadership 2.0
Communication Skill:Practicum 1.0
Emerging Concepts in Management 2.0

Third Semester

Subject Credit Points
Financial Management 2.0
Marketing Management 2.0
Human Resources Management 2.0
Business Research Methodology 2.0
E-commerce Practicum 1.0
Managerial Accountancy 2.0

Fourth Semester

Subject Credit Points
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2.0
International Business 2.0
Operations and Service Management 2.0
Concerntration I 2.0
COncerntration II 2.0
Business Development Plan: Graduate Seminar 1.0

Fifth Semester

Subject Credit Points
Concerntration IV 2.0
Elective I 2.0
Elective II 2.0
Internship 3.0
Concerntration III 2.0

Sixth Semester

Subject Credit Points
Corporate Governance: Graduate Seminar 1.0
Graduate Research Project 3.0
Strategic Management 3.0
Business Environment Analysis 3.0

Empowered by 3000+ Successful MBA Alumni in Nepal

Why Pursuing an MBA at Quest College Is a Smart Choice

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Develop Leadership Style - Quest MBA in Nepal

Gain a wealth of knowledge about diverse leadership styles, and create your own personalized leadership approach.

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Study International Business - Quest MBA in Nepal

Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate a diverse and dynamic business landscape, with success as your goal.

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Expand your Network - Quest MBA in Nepal

Learn how to develop and maintain professional relationships, build your personal brand, and grow your network.

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Learn Ethics & Compliance - Quest MBA in Nepal

Acquire a thorough understanding of ethical principles and compliance with laws and regulations in business.

Why study MBA in Quest College?

Diverse Curriculum - Quest MBA Nepal

Diverse Curriculum

Delve into a robust program that covers all areas of business—from leadership and management to international studies and ethics and learn how the business operates.

Real-World Learning - Quest MBA Nepal

Real-World Learning

Our MBA program provides hands-on learning opportunities through projects, internships, and case studies, allowing you to apply your skills in real-world situations.

Experienced Faculty - Quest MBA Nepal

Experienced Faculty

Gain invaluable insights from experienced faculty members who have a wealth of real-world business experience.

Global Perspectives - Quest MBA Nepal

Global Perspectives

Expand your global perspective by communicating with international peers and broadening your understanding of the business world.

Meet the Expert Minds Behind Your MBA Journey at Quest

The MBA Blueprint: From Student to Success

Get valuable insights into the real-world impact of an MBA in Nepal, including career opportunities and the potential for personal and professional growth, as well as the benefits of pursuing an MBA degree and what to expect during the program and career opportunities post-graduation. This guide will make you go in-depth on everything you need to know to make an informed decision about pursuing an MBA in Nepal.

Mr. Aadersh Joshi

Associate Director, MBA


MBA Admission Requirements

Bachelor's Degree: As graduate-level programs, MBA degrees require applicants to first earn a bachelor’s degree in any discipline

CGPA/Division: MBA admissions typically require a 2.0 GPA or higher on previous college transcripts or with minimum second division of 45%

Letters of Recommendation: To determine your commitment to an MBA program, schools ask applicants to submit 2-3 letters of recommendation. These can come from previous college professors, managers/employers, or superior officers in the military.

Admission Process

  • Submission of duly completed application form, Xerox copy of all previous degree credentials
  • PUMAT(Pokhara University Management Admission Test)
  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Personal Interview

Student Testimonial

Empowering Your Success, Our Mission.

As an MBA student at Quest I can summarize the programs that help to develop personality in the personal and professional aspects. Regular guest lectures, extra/co-curricular activities, continuous management support that helps us to acquire academic strength and become distinct from the crowd.

Meet Ms. Prarthana Sen, a Quest College MBA Graduate


Empowering Your Success, Our Mission.

Quest isn't just a college; it's a guiding light for your career journey, much like it has been for me. It offers exceptional guidance, hands-on learning, and real-world experiences that fast-track your career growth. Being recognized on the Dean's List while pursuing my MBA, I'm truly indebted to Quest for their unwavering support in shaping my career. Presently, I hold the position of Business Incubation Officer at Antarprerana Pvt Ltd, where the knowledge and skills instilled in me by Quest continue to propel my professional and personal development. I wholeheartedly endorse Quest for its outstanding education and practical approach, which I believe sets a remarkable foundation for anyone seeking excellence in their journey.

Meet Mr. Abhishek Risal, a Quest College MBA Graduate


Empowering Your Success, Our Mission.

MBA program at Quest integrates academic rigor with professional skills and prepares to know- how one can excel in business and management. Being the Pokhara University Topper of MBA from Quest I can recommend to all the prospective students of MBA to join the Quest for developing their personal and professional life.

Meet Eliza Shrestha, a Quest College MBA Graduate


Empowering Your Success, Our Mission.

Quest possesses one of the best educational infrastructure and facilities. In a modern complex, Quest library, Seminar Hall, two dozens of committees and clubs of students prepare MBA students to practice management and excel in the competitive global market.

Meet Sandeep Sharma, a Quest College MBA Graduate



What is an MBA degree?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration and it is a graduate-level degree that focuses on preparing students for leadership roles in business and management.

What is the duration of an MBA program in Nepal?

Most MBA programs in Nepal last for 2 years. However, some institutions offer one-year fast-track programs as well.

What is the eligibility criteria for MBA in Nepal?

To be eligible for an MBA program in Nepal, an applicant must have a bachelor's degree in any discipline with a minimum of 45% marks. Some institutions may also require work experience and a satisfactory score in entrance exams such as GMAT or CAT.

What is the fee structure for an MBA Program in Nepal?

The fee structure for MBA in Nepal can vary depending on the institution and the type of program. On average, MBA programs in Nepal can cost anywhere from NPR 200,000 to NPR 1,500,000.

What is the admission process for MBA in Nepal?

The admission process for MBA in Nepal typically involves an entrance exam such as GMAT or CAT, followed by personal interviews and group discussions. Some institutions may also require a written statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and work experience.

What is the curriculum of an MBA program in Nepal?

The curriculum of an MBA program in Nepal typically covers a wide range of topics including business management, finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and entrepreneurship. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the business world.

Are there any scholarship opportunities available for MBA in Nepal?

Yes, there are several scholarship opportunities available for MBA in Nepal. Some institutions offer merit-based scholarships, while others offer need-based scholarships. Additionally, some organizations also offer scholarships specifically for MBA students.

What is the importance of an MBA in Nepal?

An MBA degree is considered to be one of the most prestigious and valuable degrees in Nepal and around the world. An MBA provides students with a deep understanding of the business world and equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a wide range of careers. It also helps to improve one's critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership abilities, which are essential for success in any organization.

What are some jobs that you can do in Nepal with an MBA degree?

An MBA degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities in Nepal. Some of the most common jobs include: Management consultant Marketing manager Financial analyst Human resources manager Operations manager Entrepreneur Investment banker Business development manager Project manager Corporate trainer These are just a few examples, and there are many other jobs that an MBA graduate can pursue, depending on their interests, skills, and experience.