Intellectual Depth

At QIC, students will find stimulating academic environments where students and faculty work together to test theories and challenge assumptions. At QUEST, students will examine the rules with a critical eye and draft their own solutions to business problems. We carry out in depth analysis of every topic and problem by encouraging our students to actively participate in the discussion, by entertaining their ideas and view points.


Their faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract matters will develop in a full swing. Classroom discussions at QIC are energized by an array of perspectives and a shared commitment to explore beyond the surface. Their degree of psychological and intellectual profundity is enhanced. Everyone is going to have a point of view, everyone is going to have an option, keen insight and they are going to be incredibly well thought out and quiet intelligent at the completion of course. They are trained to conceptualize the whole task before executing the parts. We encourage them to see the whole picture.