Course Overview

Master in Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA) at QUEST is an internationally recognized global degree spread over six trimesters for two years, affiliated from Pokhara University.

The practical approach of learning at QUEST makes this program distinct among other graduate business schools in the country. The program is the perfect blend of managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in terms of the outcomes.

  • affilation
    Pokhara University
  • time duration
    2 Years (6 Trimesters )
  • total credit
Admission procedure

Check if you are eligible or not

Eligibility to Apply

Bachelor's Degree in any discipline with minimum Second Division / 45%

Admission Process:

  • Submission of duly completed application form, Xerox copy of all previous degree credentials
  • PUMAT(Pokhara University Management Admission Test)
  • Group Discussioin (GD)
  • Personal Interview

Course Structure

Course Structure

First Year 34.0 Total Credits

Trimester 1 st
subject credit points
Economic Analysis for Business 3.0 Credits
Management Information System 3.0 Credits
Financial Reporting and Analysis 3.0 Credits
Business Statistics 3.0 Credits
Total 12.0 Credits

Trimester 2 nd
subject credit points
Managerial Communication 2.0 Credits
Data Analysis for Decision Modeling 2.0 Credits
Macroeconomics and the Global Economy 2.0 Credits
OB and Leadership 2.0 Credits
Communication Skill:Practicum 1.0 Credits
Emerging Concepts in Management 2.0 Credits
Total 11.0 Credits

Trimester 3 rd
subject credit points
Financial Management 2.0 Credits
Marketing Management 2.0 Credits
Human Resources Management 2.0 Credits
Business Research Methodology 2.0 Credits
E-commerce Practicum 1.0 Credits
Managerial Accountancy 2.0 Credits
Total 11.0 Credits

Second Year 32.0 Total Credits

Trimester 4 th
subject credit points
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2.0 Credits
International Business 2.0 Credits
Operations and Service Management 2.0 Credits
Concerntration I 2.0 Credits
COncerntration II 2.0 Credits
Business Development Plan: Graduate Seminar 1.0 Credits
Total 11.0 Credits

Trimester 5 th
subject credit points
Concerntration IV 2.0 Credits
Elective I 2.0 Credits
Elective II 2.0 Credits
Internship 3.0 Credits
Concerntration III 2.0 Credits
Total 11.0 Credits

Trimester 6 th
subject credit points
Corporate Governance: Graduate Seminar 1.0 Credits
Graduate Research Project 3.0 Credits
Strategic Management 3.0 Credits
Business Environment Analysis 3.0 Credits
Total 10.0 Credits

faculty members

Faculty Members



" For BBA and BHM, I see this college as one of the best college in Nepal where it stands by having good corporate culture having unified guiding system and individual focused performance evaluation system of students. This has nurtured the students to have a real life exposure in the related field to get saleable in the job market needs. Success always lies in the spirit of togetherness. Good keep it up for it’s long term existence. Good Luck. "

Sanjeev Pradhan

MBA Semester

" MBA program at Quest integrates academic rigor with professional skills and prepares to know- how one can excel in business and management. Being the Pokhara University Topper of MBA from Quest I can recommend to all the prospective students of MBA to join the Quest for developing their personal and professional life. "

Eliza Shrestha

MBA Semester

" Quest possesses one of the best educational infrastructure and facilities. In a modern complex, Quest library, Seminar Hall, two dozens of committees and clubs of students prepare MBA students to practice management and excel in the competitive global market. "

Sandeep Sharma

MBA Semester

" As an MBA student at Quest I can summarize the programs that help to develop personality in the personal and professional aspects. Regular guest lectures, extra/co-curricular activities, continuous management support that helps us to acquire academic strength and become distinct from the crowd. "

Prarthana Sen

MBA Semester

" Learning at Quest is not just confined to books and curriculum; the college emphasizes holistic development of students through student centered approach in teaching that prepares graduates to be able to cope up with future challenges of business, develop leadership skills, projects, creativity, research and develop entrepreneurship. "

Benjula Adhikari

MBA Semester

" Quest provides soft skills, personality development sessions, leadership skills and value added classes for practicing team work and decision making process that are essential in MBA graduates which I appreciate the most. Quest helps to improve communication skills and fosters analytical skills. "

Shashwat Dhungana

MBA Semester

News & Notice

News & Notices

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