Continuous Assessment & Fair Evaluation System

Quest team makes its students aware that excellence can only be attained through continuous efforts. Students’ assessments are based on the continuous evaluation throughout the year. Evaluation takes place over a period of time. In other words you..... More

Library, e-Library and Wi-Fi system

QUEST contains a well managed resourceful library which will be periodically updated with wide ranges of text books, reference books, audio-visual materials, newspapers, journals and magazines. The library connects us with the insight and knowledge..... More


QUEST has a canteen facility for its students to serve breakfast, lunch and other variety of delicious food items in subsidized prices. The high quality of food items are served in a very specious and hygienic canteen for its students,faculty and non..... More

The Culture

Campus culture would mean demographic makeup of a campus such as race, religion, language, etc. Student culture at QIC is rich and multi-faceted and unique, but a single principle ties all together: teamwork. QUEST students collaborate and wor..... More

Student Life

QIC does not restrict its students to just classroom but also continues a myriad of activities like extra curriculum pursuits, leadership roles, spirited athletics and artistic endeavors. This is because we want our students to fully explore their p..... More

The Learning Environment

QIC is located in peaceful and luxurious atmosphere over an impressive landscape of more than five ropani. Quality is not compromised to make learning comfortable & effective. The concept of quality education is what we want to impart in the mind..... More