Master of Business Administration (MBA) at QUEST is an internationally recognized global degree spread over six trimesters for two years affiliated from Pokhara University. The practical approach of learning at QUEST makes this program distinct among other graduate business schools in the country. The program is the perfect blend of managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in terms of the outcomes.


The MBA program is designed to bring corporate change in Nepal through transformation of students into competent managers, executives, and entrepreneurs capable of becoming strategic change agents in the corporate and social world. The program focuses on developing social and developmental outlook and adequate skill in analysis, decision-making, implementation, leadership, and communication among the students.

The specific objectives of the program are as follows:
  • To provide students a firm grasp of broad-based and integrated fundamentals of management with real-life applications.

  • To develop professional managers who can effectively lead an organization in a highly dynamic and competitive global business environment.

  • To provide student-centered learning environment where students acquire modern management skills, enhance their managerial capabilities, and adopt success-oriented, career- focused attitudes.


Eligibility to Apply:
Bachelor’s Degree from any Discipline in Second Division/CGPA 2.0/4.0

Admission Process:
  • Submission of duly completed application form, Xerox copy of transcripts of all the previous degrees.

  • Recommendation Letters from two referees.

  • QMAT(Quest Management Admission Test) based on GMAT.

  • Group Discussion (GD).

  • Personal Interview.


Trimester I 12 Credits
Business Statistics 3 Credits
Economic Analysis for Business 3 Credits
Management Information System 3 Credits
Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 Credits
Trimester II 11 Credits
Emerging Concepts in Management 2 Credits
Managerial Communication 2 Credits
Data Analysis for Decision Modeling 2 Credits
Macroeconomics and the Global Economy 2 Credits
OB and Leadership 2 Credits
Communication Skill:Practicum 1 Credit
Trimester III 11 Credits
Managerial Accountancy 2 credits
Financial Management 2 credits
Marketing Management 2 credits
Human Resources Management 2 credits
Business Research Methodology 2 credits
E-commerce Practicum 1 credit
Trimester IV 11 Credits
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2 credits
International Business 2 credits
Operations and Service Management 2 credits
Concentration I 2 credits
Concentration II 2 credits
Business Development Plan: Graduate Seminar 1 credit
Trimester V 11 credits
Concentration III 2 credits
Concentration IV 2 credits
Elective I 2 credits
Elective II 2 credits
Internship 3 credits
Trimester VI 10 credits
Business Environment Analysis 3 credits
Strategic Management 3 credits
Graduate Research Project 3 credits
Corporate Governance: Graduate Seminar 1 credit
Tourism and Hospitality Management 2 credits
Bank Operations and Management 2 credits
Insurance and Risk Management 2 credits
Real Estate Management 2 credits
Management of Technology 2 credits
Business Tax Planning 2 credits
Project Management 2 credits
Multinational Management 2 credits
Social Entrepreneurship 2 credits
Strategies for Sustainable Management 2 credits
Management of Service Sector Organizations 2 credits
Productivity Perspective in Management Development 2 credits
Rural Marketing and Agribusiness 2 credits