BHM(Bachelor of hotel management)

BHM(Bachelor of hotel management)

Now BHM is one of the most sought and desired degrees by the students all around the world. It is a special purpose program in semester system designed to prepare the students to enter the hospitality industry at the supervisory level in areas of hotel and catering operations. This course provides training and skills development to meet the needs of people seeking employment in management positions in the hotel industry. BHM is a multi-disciplinary program focused on a critical analysis of management styles and the strategic thinking. This intensive four-year program exposes you to the diversity of the hospitality industry. The successful completion of Bachelor in Hotel Management provides rewarding academic hotel career ahead. The curriculum for BHM is structured to produce a Hotel professional, after the successful completion of the course.QUEST is one of the pioneers in introducing undergraduate Degree of Hotel Management.

BHM Dividends
  • Attain four year globally recognizedrecent degree
  • Work with colleagues and customers
  • Plan and prepare food buffets
  • Follow health, safety and security procedures
  • Develop and update HOTEL Industry knowledge
  • Manage quality customer service
  • Coach others in job skills
  • Match quantity and Quality with demand
  • Lead and manage people
  • Join well paid jobs any where in the world.
Basic Training Kitchen

Quest has maintained spacious and practical supportive kitchen. It is one of the most important units as the students convert their theoretical knowledge into practical. BHM students learn to prepare different types of food from the kitchen in guidance of the friendly and efficient chefs. They learn the importance of hygiene, storing facility, security, management, safety, proper allocation of space as well. Additionally, Quest has installed a Demo-kitchen, where students can take guidance of food preparation quite easily. Sufficient numbers of practicals are conducted on a regular basis.

Training Bar

In this specialized outlet, students learn to serve all types of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages with light snacks. Students learn to make different types of cocktails and acquire knowledge about the alcohol available all around the world. The college has installed a bar where practical classes are held on a regular basis.

Course Cycle - BHM
 Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Food Production & Patisserie (Theory) Food Production & Patisserie (Theory) Food Production & Patisserie (Theory) Food Production& Patisserie (Theory)
Food Production & Patisserie (Practical) Food Production & Patisserie (Practical) Food production & Patisserie (Practical) Food Production & Patisserie (Practical)
Food and Beverage Service (Theory) Food and Beverage Service (Theory) Food and Beverage Service (Theory) Food and Beverage Service (Theory)
Food and Beverage Service (Practical) Food and Beverage Service (Practical) Food and Beverage Service (Practical) Food and Beverage Service (Practical)
English Food Science and Nutrition Accommodation Operations (Theory) Accommodation Operations (Theory)
Principles of Management Business Communication Accommodation Operations (Practical) Accommodation Operations (Practical)
Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Managerial Mathematics Rooms Division Management (Theory) Rooms Division Management (Theory)
Room Division Management (Practical) Room Division Management (Practical)
Business Communication Financial Accounting
 Semester V Semester VI Semester VII Semester VIII
Principles of Marketing General Sociology Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Internship in Hotels & Report Writing
Tourism Economics Hospitality Human Resources Management Strategic Management
Management Information System Hospitality Finance Tourism Business Environment
Managerial Accounting Research Methodology Behavior Science in Hospitality
Hospitality Business Statistics Specialization Specialization
Project Work
Housekeeping Training

In the Housekeeping training students learn to make the guests feel better than at home. They learn the cleaning of guestrooms, F&B Table linen, lost and found services, record keeping and preservation of inventory. They also learn how to coordinate with different department. Proper housekeeping knowledge helps Hospitality graduates to expand business and bring more profits. In order to facilitate the in-depth knowledge of Housekeeping, the college has maintained a sophisticated housekeeping training room.

Students’ Training Restaurant

Quest possesses restaurant that resembles the one available in any of the five star hotels. Students learn to maintain leave records, prepare duty schedule for the staff, upkeep the restaurant property, staff training, setting up standard on service and maintains connection with other outlets like store and kitchen. They learn to behave and communicate with guest in the real life situation.

Bakery and Culinary Art Skills Achievements

The separate bakery section backed by efficient and experienced instructor at Quest helps students to learn the knowledge of bakery. In culinary art, students are taught to cut salad in different stylish manner which creates happy mood and interest in taking main course.

Front Office Training

Front office unit is one of the most important areas of Hospitality Industry. Students learn the knowledge of reservation, receiving and registering the guests, assigning the rooms, acting as a continuous source of information to the guests and collecting the dues for the services provided by the dues for the services provided by the organization. The role of front office staff builds the image of the organization. BHM students learn how to maintain proper internal and external information system of an organization. They learn the importance of personal grooming, hygiene, practicing courtesy, selfconfidence, diplomacy, analytical and communication skills. They develop salesmanship and persuasive qualities while taking the training.

Hotel Visits and Volunteering

In a short span of time, our students have  worked about 2oo hours in each semester. They volunteer in different five star hotels and have left positive remarks. The college receives invitation from one or the other of the five star hotels of the valley almost regularly and students are sent in a rotation which will help them to understand Hospitality sector in their early stage of study.